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InGame New Event

Post by Jnxx on Wed Jan 11, 2017 9:19 pm

Fire Temple of Memory

Running: 11/1/2017 - 1/2/2017

Head into the 'Fire Temple of Memory' with two comrades-in-arms and take on the hordes of monsters to secure some unbelievable rewards. Here's how:

Visit Annanerk (in your respective capital) to be able to enter the instance. Transform into a heroic Sorcerer, Gladiator or Templar and fight against the clock: the more points you rack up through defeating monsters, the more keys you'll earn!
These keys can then be used in the treasure chamber that follows, where you can pocket some truly desirable prizes: Jakunerk's Master Executor Commander's Weapons Chest, Jakunerk's Master Executor Commander's Armour Chest, Diflodox Wings, Cat Cape or Shugo Game Tokens. Naturally there are even more valuable treasures to be attained.

The Entry Scroll for Fire Temple of Memory and the Key to the Powerful Treasure Chest that can be used to open the reward chests in the instance will be available in the AION Shop from 11th January onwards.

Here's an overview of all rewards:
Gameforge Announcement and Rewards of the Event

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