Arkhal's Hidden Space

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Arkhal's Hidden Space

Post by frostytart on Wed Jan 11, 2017 1:42 pm

1st. Destroy 3 protective devices

In order to make Akhal vulnerable you must destroy 3 protective devices within 10min period.

Common tactic.
Let Chanter dps the generator while the rest of the group clear the adds that spawns.
Ranged DPS kill the range adds so tank doesnt have to make travels just to agro them  Very Happy

2nd. Battle with Akhal

The Boss has a enormous agro range!!!! When the group agro the boss, the outer ring of the room covered with blue mist and insta kill anyone who stands in it.
Therefore all the group must move as one unit and enter the inner circle as fast as possible.

ALL RANGED DPS STACKED TOGETHER (WITH THE CHANTER AS WELL) (for several reassons that will be explained later)

The boss fight has 4 tactics. A) 4 clones, B) blue spots on the ground, C) trasforamation into balaur D) all 4 clones + blue spots

A) The boss teleports and spawning 4 clones (one at the time). Common tactic. The tank mark the clones and leave 1 and 2 clone to dpsed by the group. The tank agro clone number 3 and 4 and wait to dpsed by the group as well

B) blue spots on the ground. The boss casts DARK STAR and blue circles appeared on the ground under each member group and hits for 8-12k damage.Therefore the group needs to be stacked in order for the blue spots to cover smaller area.....avoid those blue spots at all costs!

C)sometimes the boss transforms group members into balaur. the transformed members need to find the WEAK DAEVA SOUL npc and ONLY 1 needs to talk to him in order to transform into high daeva again. pretty staight forward  Razz  

D) When the boss has bellow 25% hp, he spawns all the 4 clones at once and blue spots start to appear on the ground as hell.

first, is a good time to start praying. Razz
then try to keep calm and use group major CDs. If you have templar try not to use imperian providence at the same time with chanter's elemental screen.
Try to mark the clones asap and dps them as you avoid the blue spots.

After all of this crap, the boss should die eventually  Twisted Evil

good luck!!!

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